consulting at the world bank

I have been a Consultant at the World Bank for over 8 years, consulting mostly for Communications teams, providing support in areas such as graphic design, communications, and marketing. Some of the projects I have created at the Bank have had really good exposure from being presented to high-level ministries around the world including the Pope, to being published in newspapers, serving as the main tool of reference for groups around the world, and being presented as the key material to raise funds for projects.

Results report

The Results Report is a book report created for the Global Partnership for Education as their annual report that includes all of their achievements from the period 2017-2018.

through the lens of education

This book was ideated as a tool to sensitise high-level leaders around the issues that the Global Partnership for Education addresses through their programs.

agribusiness prospectus

The Agribusiness Prospectus and its Exec. Summary support material are both intended to communicate the needs and reach of projects in the Agribusiness field designed by my client, infoDev..